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Warsaw Modlin Airport Train Transfers

There are several ways for travelers to get into the heart of the city after landing at Warsaw Modlin Airport. You can use ridesharing, a taxi, a bus, a train, a car rental, or all of the above.

Currently, the only train station close to the airport that connects to the terminal is Modlin's Train Station.

Arrive at Warsaw Modlin Airport two to three hours before takeoff to avoid delays.

Planning your train transfers to Warsaw Modlin Airport in advance is the best way to accomplish your goal of arriving at the airport by train.

Modlin Station

Modlin Station, situated 5 kilometers from Warsaw Modlin Airport, is the closest train station to the airport.

The main terminal of Warsaw Modlin Airport and Modlin's station is connected by a shuttle bus. The bus runs every 20 to 30 minutes from 12:02 am to 11:02 pm. Your journey should take 10 minutes.

The air-conditioned bus has room for up to 70 passengers and is accessible to people with disabilities. The bus schedule takes into account train departures and arrivals.

The train and the shuttle bus can be boarded at the Modlin Railway Station. Typically, the Modlin Train runs every 50 minutes from 4:00 am to 11:12 pm.

Warsaw's downtown can be reached with a single-ride ticket for 20 PLN, which also covers the bus ride cost.

Your ticket can be bought in the Arrivals Hall of the Warsaw Modlin Airport.

You can take the Koleje Mazowieckie (KML) train directly to Warszawa Centralna once you arrive at the station (Warsaw central train station).

The trip takes approximately 45 minutes.

Koleje Mazowieckie (KML)

One of the trains that stop at the Modlin train station is Koleje Mazowieckie (KML). From the Modlin railway station, Koleje Mazowieckie regularly runs buses that offer quick transportation to the passenger terminal entrance door.

The Koleje Mazowieckie company has created an exclusive deal called Airport Ticket for travelers going to/from Warsaw Modlin Airport.

Because of this, travelers can purchase a single ticket from Warsaw to the airport in Modlin or vice versa at a competitive price.

Koleje Mazowieckie runs the Warsaw-Modlin connection using contemporary, specially purchased Elf trains. For the comfort of the passengers, there are 190 seats on the train.

In addition, there are additional luggage racks and comfortable passenger seats available to the passengers. The trains are controlled and have air conditioning.

Elves have baby-changing tables for those traveling with young children, as well as an accessibility room for disabled persons.